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At eurowalls™ our customers are very important to us.

As such we have a dedicated customer service team who are willing and happy to help you with your enquiry or online purchase.

Our customer service team is available from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

You can email us here for customer service.

If you have a query about our website, or you cannot find a certain product you are looking for, then get in touch and we look forward to helping you.

Also, if you'd like to find out further information about our wallpapers, service, delivery or installation, then answers to these and more can be found below:

eurowalls™ is online only.

Yes, we can assist you with your next project.

Please contact us here

eurowalls™ accepts major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard. We also accept PayPal.

eurowalls™ uses VeriSign SSL encryption technology to scramble your sensitive data and provide maximum security over the internet.

Please use our roll estimator to calculate how many rolls of your chosen wallpaper you require.

This roll estimator excludes calculation of windows and doors and is an estimate only.

Please contact your installer for a precise calculation or contact us here for an estimation.

Delivery of your wallpaper is calculated at the checkout.

Delivery per order of samples is calculated at the checkout.

Delivery will vary depending on stock availability.

Please refer to ordering & delivery on our website for current lead times.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee next day delivery. If the wallpaper you choose is in stock in our warehouse, we can dispatch next day. Refer clearance stock

Otherwise please refer to ordering & delivery on our website.

No, deliveries can be only made within New Zealand.

You will receive a confirmation email.

We will email you advising you of a revised delivery date. There are occasions when we have to manufacture wallpaper to satisfy your order and lead times will vary.

If there is a delay with your order we will contact you within five (5) working days of the order being received.

eurowalls™ responsibility only applies for product faults during manufacture. Please note that you should check all wallpaper products and matching batch numbers for faults before hanging by yourself or with your installer.

If your product is faulty, please refer to returns & refunds on our website.

NOTE: We do not warrant installation

We are an online business only.

We will accept returns for faulty product only.

Please refer to our returns & refunds on our website

We recommend the use of professional installers. Please contact us for our preferred suppliers in your location.

If you are comfortable to install yourself, please follow the instructions on the manufacturers label included with each wallpaper roll delivered.

Different wallpapers require different adhesive.

Contact us or purchase the online recommended adhesive in your cross sell cart.

NOTE: eurowalls™ fire ratings and tests were carried out using our recommended adhesive. If a fire certificate is required for your project, you will need to purchase the correct adhesive to ensure compliance under the building code of NZ.

Most wallpaper is printed on rollers and therefore each wallpaper pattern has a repeat. Some common pattern repeats are: -

Straight match - a straight match means that the pattern matches across the width of the wallpaper. The label of the wallpaper will tell you how often the pattern repeats.

Offset match - sometimes called a half-drop, means the match is obtained by halving the repeat. For example a label might state a 53/26.5cm offset match. This means the design repeats every 53cm and the point at which they match from left to right is every 26.5cm.

Free match - means there is no matching required. It is the easiest product to hang, as no matter how the strips of wallpaper are hung, no visible join or seams.

Wallpaper is printed in batches of rolls. It is important to have the same batch number, to ensure colours match exactly on installation.

The batch number is usually located on the wallpaper label close to the pattern number.

You should always allow for waste as we cannot guarantee matching the batch numbers for future orders. contact us with the batch you require and we will do our best to help.

Yes, we have a full range of decorating tools available on our website.

This depends on your wall. If you have imperfections on your wall we recommend the use of lining paper. It is also good practise if you are new to wallpaper hanging. You must use the same adhesive for your lining paper as your wallpaper.

Non-woven is fabric made by a process not involving weaving. It is the latest technology in wallpaper, creating easier application & removal whilst enhancing textures.  

Technology in wallpaper manufacture has advanced since the original classic paper, dating back to the 1970's or earlier. 

The introduction of polyester fibres in paper pulp, means non-woven wallpaper does not expand when wet and therefore does not need to soak before being installed. 

With this new technology of non-woven products, adhesive can only be applied directly to the wall.

However there are some paper products still sold in the market and they will need to be applied in accordance with the directions of the manufacturer's label. This is especially important for grass-cloth and sisal products.

We always recommend installation by a professional installer, so please do not hesitate to contact us for advise and/or recommendations.

Yes. Please contact us for further assistance.